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My topic is this : What are the effects of GMOS foods and how GMOs foods are related to food safety?

Summary & Purpose: To begin your term research project, write a controversy paper (with a first version that’s about three pages, and a final full revision that’s at least a full four) in which you identify a pressing problem facing our world today, examine controversy surrounding competing efforts to address this problem, and pinpoint the various stake holders in the debate to present and contextualize one to two main questions-at-issue that will focus and direct your research for the Final Research Essay; thus, this paper will require analysis of quotations and examples from a small introductory sample of academic research sources found in your independent research (not assigned sources), including three research sources (at least one scholarly and at least one reliable popular) that frame the parameters of the debate regarding the problem being examined. (These three sources cannot be used in your Annotated Bibliography.)

Core Requirements for a Complete Score: In order to be eligible for a “complete” score on three units of labor (out of ten for the total essay cycle), your first version of your Controversy Paper must:

-Include an introduction that contextualizes the social problem to be explored, establishes what is at stake in the debate surrounding it, and frames the parameters of the controversy.

Devote several body paragraphs to sympathetically understanding and critically analyzing the most relevant and pressing positions in this debate, especially via quoted specific reasoning and evidence from your introductory research sampling of three sources (at least three of which must be scholarly and one reliable popular).

-Offer a conclusion that arrives at one to two pressing questions-at-issue you will explore in your subsequent research to develop your eventual enthymematic thesis for your Final Research Essay. (It’s fine if these questions are more refined than the questions-at-issue you posited in your Proposal because your questions will likely evolve as you delve into research, but your Controversy Paper questions should at least be on the same topic as those from your Proposal or you’ll need to resubmit a new Proposal for instructor approval.)

-Follow the MLA Format and Documentation guidelines, especially including a Work Cited list and using parenthetical citation, as demonstrated in the Format & Documentation handout posted under “Files” on Canvas.