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Complete the following exercise with your team and submit the answer.Select two similar and competitive chains, for example, McDonalds & Wendy’s.

Two chains we are comparing: _________Walmart Vs Kroger____________


4Points of Parity (POP’s)

They are

3 Points of Difference (POD’s)

2. Pick one chain’s POD; how might the other chain make this a POP for their brand.An example: Wendy’s POD is “Open Late”.McDonald’s makes it a POP by extending their hours and promoting new later hours

3. Create a new POD for one of the chains.

4. What activities are necessary to make the new POD happen from an operational perspective (e.g. what would Wendy’s have to change about their operations if they wanted to offer breakfast)?

5. What communication strategy would you use for the new POD?