Write a simple but unique marketing plan project and a power point presentation

This project has two parts – a paper and a presentation. Posted here is an outline for building a marketing plan and a sample marketing plan, for your reference.

The project should be thorough with keen attention to details as illustrated in the attachment below.

There’s a sample marketing plan for guidance use the format as illustrated there. Create power point presentation using the project created should be brief with short sentences with the whole image of the project in it.

No plagiarism and references using APA format

*The marketing plan must be about a completely brand new product or service and all of the components of the plan must also be fictitious. The paper should give little or no attention to discussing the existing marketing, it needs to be more about the product that you have made up.

The documents attached should serve as a guideline about the product you are creating. The market needs to be a completely new product, one that the company has never had or marketed before. Chose the company of your choice.*

Note that the project is for a lady so the choice of marketing plan project should not me masculine also make it simple use simple English and the project itself should be very

Note the work is about writing a marketing plan project and the do a power point presentation on the pr