Write a rhetorical analysis of the video, analyzing critically it using the three levels- Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Ethos will focus on the character of artiste. Who is the artiste? What about the artiste? What is his/her character in the society? Is he/she well respected? What is the artiste’s credibility? How does his/her life influence the society? Why should we listen to his/her music? What was the idea behind the music?

LOGOS: (logical appeal) What is the argument? What is the artist trying to say? How is the artist saying it? What elements are employed in the video? How are these elements used to strengthen the argument? What logic and reasoning are functioning in the video to help pass the message effectively? What is the goal of the artiste- Persuade, inform, educate, criticize? (This part requires critical thinking and analysis)

PATHOS: (emotional appeal) What was your experience with the video? How did it make you feel? How did the artiste convey these emotions? What emotions could you feel in the video? How do you think the artiste wants his/her audience to feel? How did your emotions help you understand the video? What’s the message of the video?

The required pages are 5.

Here is the link of the song which talks about the bad government in Kuwait From 2008 until 2018. The song talks about their wrong decisions, bad ministers, old airports, old hospitals, bad streets, the state has a lot of money to change that but there are bad minsters.