Worldview and Religion in Shawshank Redemption Film Paper

explore world views and the roles they play in Frank Darabont’s film The shawshank redemption(1994). this film involves an important friendship, that between andy and red throughout the film. the world views of each of these friends plays a significant role in the film.

analyze what role world views play for each of the major characters in the film and at least two of the minor characters and what happen to them(the plot). also explore what the film’s characters and plot teach us. how does the film change or expand our own world view or religion?

your analytical research essay should be 2000 words in length and use MLA documentation, with in text citations and a works cited list that includes at least four published sources. two of these sources can and should be Peck’s the road less traveled and William young’s chapter, “the shawshank redemption and the hope for escape”(in movies and the meaning of life)