William Butler Yeats Biography and Adam’s Curse Literary Criticism Paper

Pick one of the following authors, and write a 1000 words essay. The first half of the paper should be biography of the author. For the second half, find literary criticism of one of the author’s works, and report on what those critics say about the work. Pick up one of the Authors: J.D. Salinger; Willa Cather; William Butler Yeats; Nikolay Gogol; Henry Miller; Octavia Butler; Ralph Ellison; Gunter Grass; George Sand; Ayn Rand

Must make substantial use of at least 3 books and at least 5 articles as sources.

Same require as last time: Turn in source pages from any sources, highlighted to show where you got the information on that page that you used in your paper.

Make sure the source of each page is visible on each source page!