Why are the Miranda Warnings not appropriate and effective? How do they lead to false/coerced confessions, and misunderstandings where citizens sign them off in waivers? should the Miranda Warnings be handled any different when dealing with minors?

For this class we got to pick our own topic and create a summary of what we will be covering in our essay’s. Please be sure to review the prompt I created below and DIRECTLY answer each of the information & questions mentioned. Please be sure to include a lengthy paragraph answering should the Miranda Warnings be handled any different when dealing with minors?

My topic of choice is the Miranda Warnings. More specifically, are the Miranda Warnings appropriate? The Miranda Warnings are the most well-known laws among citizens, meaning everyone will have their own opinion regarding their effectiveness. The answer differs depending on whom you ask but if you ask me, they are not exactly working efficiently, on the contrary they are leading to further issues. A few being, false or coerced confessions, misunderstandings that generate citizens to sign a waiver of their Miranda rights and worse case of all improper handling of procedures by law enforcement that can result in the dismissal of their confession that can set a dangerous criminal free. I aspire to fulfill a role as a juvenile probation officer, which leads me to the next area where the Miranda Warnings are questioned… should the Miranda Warnings be handled any different when dealing with minors? These are the areas of the Miranda Warnings I plan to further research and discuss in my paper.





Provide a thorough description of the topic you selected.

Perform an Internet and library search for a minimum of 5 reputable sources.

Articulate a clear, well-developed argument which is supported by evidence.

The paper has several purposes:

  • First, it should demonstrate the technical skill of your writing. Grammar, syntax, usage, spelling, and composition will be weighted substantially.
  • Second, your paper should demonstrate understanding of the subject matter of this course. For instance, if you write about the “great American crime drop,” then you should demonstrate an understanding of current theories about what did (and did not) cause that drop, and what it means for criminal justice policy. Your discussion and arguments should reflect that you have read the textbook and should be supported by evidence and clear citations to authoritative sources.
  • Third, your paper should demonstrate reasoned analysis and critical thinking. You should support your thesis with reasoned arguments and recognize and rebut potential counterarguments.

An excellent paper will have well-developed arguments supported by evidence. It will cite a minimum of 5 quality sources to support its analysis. It will also have no (or very few) technical or formatting errors and will be turned in on time.

An aspiring paper will have clear arguments that are usually supported by evidence or logic. It will cite sources, but some may not be quality sources. It may contain some grammatical or technical mistakes. It will be turned in on time.

An unsatisfactory paper will contain little or no analysis. It will not support its claims with evidence, logic, or citations to credible sources. It may also obvious technical errors. It will show signs of having been completed at the last minute and may even have been handed in late.