Who will you be

Write a 10-12 page paper addressing your philosophy of counseling. The paper will include title page, introduction, body of the paper, conclusion, and reference page.

You will discuss the following components:

  1. The role of the counselor— describe your role as a counselor; what do you view as your major responsibility as a counselor; how do you view your relationship between you and your client; discuss your beliefs, values that may enhance and possibly hinder your role as a counselor.
  2. Discuss the characteristics and skills of a counselor and why these are important.
  3. Discuss what it means to be a competent multicultural counselor.
  4. Provide a critique of your counseling skills stating your strengths and areas of improvement. You may utilize the feedback received from the role plays. Discuss how your skill set will help you counsel individuals, couples, and families.
  5. Discuss your basic assumptions about human nature and address what Scripture states about human nature.
  6. Explain why ethical codes are important for all counselors and how you will adhere to the codes. Specifically state the codes you will follow (For example, if you are seeking certification as a school counselor state that you will follow the ASCA and TEA codes).
  7. Discuss how you will integrate psychology and a Christian worldview in your counseling practice.
  8. Discuss which theory or theories you will use and explain why you chose the theory or theories. Discuss how the theory is relevant to individuals, couples, and families. Include a discussion of both the strengths and shortcomings of the chosen theory or theories.
  9. Based on the chosen theories, identify at least three techniques you will utilize.
  10. Discuss the population you would like to work with and in what setting you prefer to counsel.

The paper will follow APA format—Times New Roman, 12 font, one inch margins, double-space. Cite a minimum of ten scholarly sources. The following databases may be helpful: ATLA Religion Database, EBSCOhost, Health Source-Consumer Edition, Health Source-Nursing/Academic Edition, ProQuest, PsycArticles, WorldCat Discovery.