West Coast Importance & Possible Consequences of Childhood Trauma Article Summary

As nurses in the community, it is important to know and understand the events that are occurring at the local, national and global level. Public/community health nursing involves working with various communities and population as equal partners with a focus on primary prevention and health promotion. This assignment of reviewing/reading current event articles pertaining to public/community health education in newspapers, internet news, articles, and professional journals and to analyze the event will be presented to the class.

The overall purpose of this assignment is to:

  • increase your ability to research current event in public/community health,
  • increase your understanding of a particular area of public/community health, and
  • critically evaluate the event affecting the population/community.

You will present your event and analysis to the class with class participation. The paper with article attached should be one page utilizing APA format with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The assignment is a reasoned opinion of the event presented and an exploration of your attitude, thoughts, and beliefs of the health issue. Utilize critical thinking!

Criteria of Assignment:

  • Article/Event Title
    • What is the title of your article/event? (Exact wording)
  • Article/Event Source
    • Use APA style of citation, where did you get the article?
    • Include copy of article and attach to your paper
  • Summary
    • Briefly and in your own words, summarize content of event
    • Three sentences minimum
  • Reaction
    • Take a position on the issue of event
    • How does this event affect the community where the event is occurring?
    • What are your thoughts regarding what can/should/or could be done to address the issue?
    • Five sentences minimum
  • Impact
    • How is this event related to Public/Community Health?
    • How does this event impact the health of the community/population?
    • Five sentences minimum.

The reference link for the article should be from CDC, GOV, ORG, or Public health association.