Week 8 Reflection

Part 1: Newsletter Article

Write a 1- to 2-page article about the importance of collaboration between schools and communities with regards to students with exceptionalities for the school newsletter. Be certain that it focuses upon all stakeholders, addresses tips and strategies for how schools and communities can better collaborate with each other, and includes references to the Learning Resources from this course.

Part 2: Community Resources List

Create a list of at least five web-based community resources that discuss working with persons with exceptionalities. Provide a link to the URL for each resources as well as a 2- to 3-sentence explanation describing what families and community members can find on the site and why you selected it for them.

Part 3: Reflection

Compose a 1- to 2-page reflection explaining:

  • How you chose the information you included in the newsletter article and why the information was important to share with families and communities.
  • How and why you will use your list of community resources in your own school setting.
  • Why it is important for Special Education professionals to provide updated resources continually to families and communities on working with students with exceptionalities.
  • As a result of your experience in your courses, consider how the topics and concepts covered might align with issue that you might want to study. This should be a challenge or issue in your professional practice that poses a dilemma. Remember, it must be something over which you have control, impact P–12 student learning, and be related to your MSED specialization. What is a topic you might consider developing into a research question for an action research project for your upcoming major assessments?