Week 7 Perfection versus Pure Inspiration Blended Time Activity

PURE INSPIRATION. First, think about our discussion, in class, on this subject AND the art work, literary works, and mechanical and engineering masterpieces that you have encountered or, otherwise, studied over your lifetime. Second, in writing, present a PERFECT work and a PURE INSPIRATION work while keeping the following instructions in mind: 1. the two works that you present, in writing, may be literary works OR from ANY OTHER discipline such as engineering, math, architecture, or art; 2. for the PERFECT work or product, one, explain WHY it is perfect, and, two, explain WHY PLANNING has caused that work or product to be effective; and 3. for the PURE INSPIRATION work or product, one, explain WHY it is pure inspiration, and, two, explain why NO PLANNING has caused that work or product to be effective. Third, render your opinion on whether PERFECTION or PURE INSPIRATION is BEST or MOST EFFECTIVE. For this particular BTA, you MUST list at least two resources, total, that back up EACH of those products for their planning or lack of planning. Fourth, SAVE your work. Then, fifth, submit your work by engaging the SUBMIT button and attaching your work. Please, do remember to use MICROSOFT WORD, TIMES NEW ROMAN, a PITCH of TWELVE, DOUBLE SPACE, and MLA HEADING

Please, do NOT use the following two examples. One, for perfection, a great example of planned perfection is any of FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT’s houses. Two, for pure inspiration, a great example of unplanned pure inspiration is MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY’s Frankenstein.