Week 6 Law Enforcement Presentation

You have been discussing how officers must sometimes function as social servants. In a society where there is resistance directed toward the police, it is a challenge to motivate or convince officers that they should act as social servants when dealing with people in society. The same is true for officers who work in correctional settings. They may find themselves having to deal with prisoners who make it difficult to even think about functioning as a social servant.

Week 6 Assignment

Your assignment this week is to create a PowerPoint presentation where you list 7-8 slides that point out ways to motivate reluctant officers to function as social servants. You must cite your sources. Post the PowerPoint presentation in the assignment section. There is no discussion assignment for this week. The assignment is due by midnight, Friday, April 26. Late work is not authorized.

Week 6 Scoring Rubric

Submitted PowerPoint-25

Listed at least 6 ways to motivate officers-25

Supported Position-25

Followed APA requirements-25