Week 5 Child abuse Discussion

Week # 5 Discussion

Child abuse is a very emotional and sensitive topic.Child abuse can be defined “any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation” or “an act or failure to act that presents an imminent risk of serious harm”(Weber&O’Donnell).In the case of Elizabeth, a A 10-year-old child who was brought into the emergency department by her mother some of the considerations that should be made by the nurse, to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for the interview and assessment would be to make a comfortable trusting rapport with the child as the patient. Allowing the child to express herself freely by vocalizing her thoughts or emotions would help decrease the child’s anxiety.

According to Weber & O’Donnell,2018“include the parent but be we aware that the parent accompanying the child may be the abuser”(Weber&O’Donnell,2018).Some children at this stage of development are very vocal and can express themselves very well,but you may find that they are more reserved since the mother or other parent are present. Finding time to interview the child alone would also be helpful to collect more specific data.If the parent refuses to leave the area, the nurse has to observe and assess for any signs and symptoms poor eye contact, anxiety and As nurses we are mandated reporters but we have to make sure that all of the information collected is valid and precise.”Establish the child’s understanding or developmental stage by asking simple questions(name,how to spell name,age,birth date,how many eyes do you have ,etc”(Weber&O’Donnell,2018).Giving the child an opportunity to feel safe in your presence is a way to build trust.

After a complete assessment, if child abuse is suspected, the nurse is then obligated to contact the Social Worker to further evaluate the situation.The Social worker will be required “prepare to file a report of suspected child abuse with your state’s child welfare agency, as mandated by all 50 states. The agency will determine whether the child should be removed”(Chiocca,1995).