Week 4 Head Start Health and Safety Checklist Written Assignment

Review the Head Start Health Service Competencies and complete the Head Start Health and Safety Checklist (both located in the Week 4 Folder). After reviewing the competencies and completing the checklist, assess the current systems in place at your site and your role in effective leadership in meeting these competencies. Using this information PLUS your thoughts from Topic 1 Discussion (The Leadership Role in Health, Safety, and Nutrition), how will you integrate your identified areas of opportunity into a plan for moving the systems forward? To successfully complete the assignment:

  • Upload the completed Head Start Health and Safety Checklist
  • Identify/discuss areas of strength and areas of opportunity
  • Create a plan for addressing ONE are of opportunity. The plan could include:
    • policy or procedural changes
    • how changes would be communicated to staff/families
    • PD or workshops necessary for staff/families to better facilitate the change
  • A reflective statement of how this change would help build a more comprehensive system to support health, safety, and nutrition in your program.

The topic you address should be different from those addressed in the first three assignments.