Web Design Discussion board

I’ve provided 2 discussions that need to be responded separately. This week’s discussion is the following:

  1. Review the home page and two subsidiary pages at each website. How do fonts and font sizes set the mood for website visitors? How do the fonts for headings and content differ? Does the design use serif or sans serif fonts, or a combination?

Discussion Response 1:

Epic Games

The gaming website I am reviewing is www.epicgames.com. The website uses a variety of fonts (each game seems to use a different font). This makes sense to me because the marketing teams want to make sure their game stands out from the other games displayed on the website. The fonts on the page tend to be big, blocky, and easy to read fonts. The titles of each game are centered on very elaborate complex/elaborate backgrounds. In many ways the text is secondary to the images. The header at the top of the page is very minimal and small so that it does not draw the viewer’s attention.


The investment page I reviewed is www.Etrade.com The home page is bright and uses a larger header text with a smaller sub header. Typically, the header and sub header content are only 2-3 sentences in length. The text is simple and black, it is professional, neat, and organized. The header at the top of the page scrolls with the website but is not particularly big. It is easy to get to, but it is not in the way. The page gives a professional feel, but without taking things to seriously. The images on the page include cats, desserts, and people.


For my news site I am viewing www.buzzfeed.com. The webpage uses far more text than the previous two websites do. The title of a featured article is displayed in a very large, bold, text that commands your attention. Below the featured article you see additional articles that include the title in a medium sized text, and a 1-2 sentence article description in slightly smaller text. Articles that are popular have a “Trending” logo in a pink font that really stands out on the white background.

Discussion 2:

CNN for News Website: When I enter the webpage via desktop, I can see the following materials using to develop the CNN webpage.CNN mainly uses the font of CNN Helvetica Neue, Arial, Utkal and sans-serif in the homepage and subsidiary pages. They have used multifarious font sizes according to the necessity and beautifying of the page. For the headlines it uses 36 px font size and for the other semi headings it uses 16 and 20 px font size. For the related links of the sub headings they use 15 px font size Helvetica font family. They have use various images with the news. Different kind of news links are given there with different colorful images. When I browse the webpage through mobile every font family and others remain the same just a little bit smaller in size that I found there.

In my opinion, the colorful images with different news and the resolution can quite well hold the attraction of the readers who browse the webpage via desktop, but in a small screen like mobile or tablet it creates a little bit problem to see the font sizes.

GameSpot for Gaming Website: For the GameSpot website, they have used ArgumentamBold, Franklin Gothic Medium, Arial Narrow Bold, Helvetica Neue, Arial and sans-serif font for homepage and the subsidiary pages. For indicating the most popular games in these side they have used a font size of 16 px. As this is a gaming website, the main attraction that can hold the audience is the different colorful images. When I browse it through the mobile, the resolution and screen size affects the readability compared to the resolution that I saw via desktop. The font size, font style and fonts are perfectly suited with the environment and mood of the website.

MorningStar for Investment Website: In the Website, they use universe and Helvetica font for homepage and subsidiary pages. For every headings and partial links font they have used 14 and 16 px font sizes. For the footer of the webpage they use a lot of different font sizes. They have given a subsidiary link indicating the specialists of investing page. The resolution and screen size also affect when I browse through my mobile. It also hampers the readability. In my opinion, font size, styes and fonts are well matched for the website.