Walmart Germany Market Business Case Analysis

it is a 10 pages research about (Walmart when Walmart entered the Germany market and failed) Please i need you to talk deeply about the case and the timeline of it and all the reasons of the failure. However, please read the feedback from my professor to know what references he wants for this research. Use some articles, journals, and newspapers from Forbes, BusinessWeek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review.

APA style

10 pages

use some photos for example Walmart in germany

here is the feedback from my professor ( please read it )

Overall, the depth of research is limited. I found a lot that can help with understanding the situation. There are inconsistencies in citations – I am not sure where the references are coming from – see APA citations. Using a student case study is not acceptable – however, you can use their references as a research starting point. Should have more details and specifics of the findings in the annotated bibliography (vs statements such as article discusses reasons for failure)

Suggestions moving forward:

– – Try using Google Scholar – enter keywords “Wal Mart Germany”. This even gives a book with online access-

– – A google search presented some others: try keeping key words Wal Mart Germany constant, then add important journals and newspapers, such as Forbes, BusinessWeek, Fortune, deutsche weld, financial times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review (the case study found with this search is acceptable, as it is a peer published article vs student paper). This is just a few of the possibilities.