Walden Doctor of Business Administration Prospectus Employee Turnover Paper

From Professor

There is room for improvement in your nature of the study item. I think the most important place to start is with this, as you have not explained “why it was selected over other designs.”

Identifies the selection of the design (within the method) and why it was selected over other designs (cite a minimum of one source).

Please tell me why designs other than the case study are not good fits for your proposed research. The usual approach (which works) Is to describe the design (e.g., ethnography), explain what it is good for, and cite appropriately. You may also write about how it is conducted and — if relevant — what data sources are used. (In ethnography, researchers use much the same data sources as in other case studies.) Then tell the reader why it is not the best choice, or is not an appropriate choice for your study. Do the same for another design, such as phenomenology. One reason not to use phen for the study of strategies, is that phen researchers often use only one data source: interviews.

You may see some examples of how to do this in recent Walden DBA studies by Dr. Kishore Maranganti, Dr. Patrick Mphaka, and Dr. Odetha Davis. All of the students whom I have chaired have explained these issues.

Your fine

professor notes

It is good that you are posting your ideas about NoS and the CF. With regard to NoS, you need to tell us why mixed methods are not suitable. You need to do the same with regard to design. For example, why is phenomenology not suitable? Did you consider ethnography and other designs? If so, why is it (or why are they) not suitable for your study?

In terms of the CF, please explain how the three concepts you mentioned relate to motivation. How do the three aspects of expectancy theory tie together? Is there some sort of predictive or explanatory relationship between valence, etc? That is really what the term “tenet” is about. Next, how might understanding motivation help you understand strategies employers use to retain hotel night shift front desk employees?

With regard to posting drafts of components, please always post the criteria from the rubric with your drafts. Rate yourself on each criterion, and indicate what else you need to do in order to meet the criteria.



  • S1 – Problem Statement
  • S1 – Purpose Statement
  • S1 – Nature of the Study
  • S1 – Research Question(s)
  • S1 – Hypotheses Interview Questions (qualitative)
  • S1 – Theoretical Framework (quantitative) or Conceptual Framework (qualitative)
  • S1 – Significance of the Study

I attached the highlighted portions that he says are fine