W2 Diary of A Wimpy Kid Events and Meanings Paper

Film terms help provide specific evidence from the film when referencing important events and meanings. You will use the Film Notes Template.docx when taking film notes. For Diary of a Wimpy Kid you may use the template we started together in class: Film Notes Diary of a Wimpy Kid.docx and add to it as you watch the film. Follow the steps and film note guidelines below:

Step 1: Download the template

Step 2: “Save as” a new document. Now you are free to make changes.

Step 3: Open your document before you submit it to check that your changes have been saved. Blank film notes will incur late points.

™Film Note Guidelines:

  • Complete the Bibliographic Info (Title and Year, Director), Narrative (Character Names and General Plot), and first two boxes under Style (Titles and Performance).
  • Choose 3 of the following boxes under the headings “Style” to complete: Mise-en-scene, Cinematography, Sound, Music, Editing.
    • Make a comment approximately from the beginning, middle, and end of the film to show that you are watching the film critically from beginning to end.
    • ™Be sure you relate the style to it’s effect on the audience (™Ex: “Natural, bright lighting reminds us of the sunny days of youth” is a better comment and will receive more credit than “The lighting is bright.”
  • Complete the remaining boxes (from Important Dialogue or Lines to Messages and Themes)
  • The Other Notes, Thoughts, Questions box is optional.

Note: If you added the class late you have 1 week to make up any past due work. Submit the work on Canvas with a comment that you added the class late, you will not be deducted late points.