Vengeance Is Mine Film – Foundational Social Trauma Response Paper

For your directed response paper, please watch the whole film and then examine Imamura’s representation of the foundational social trauma that occurred on the beach in the summer of 1938. The main sequence I want you to describe, analyze, and interpret in terms of trauma/PTSD studies appears between time stamps 29:00-31:40. While the sections immediately preceding (26:00-29:00) and following (31:40-32:20) this pivotal scene are important as well, I want you to focus in your written response on: 1) who is telling the trauma story?; 2) the unconscious meanings/significance of this violent, triangular conflict; 3) responsibility/blaming (who and or what is blamed/ held responsible?); and 4) the profound psychological aftereffects on Iwao and Shizuo alike.