Venezuela Political Crisis Research Paper

Watching the World

Policy, Programs, Invention, and Practices-Not Military, Might, or Money

I believe we are a people. United Under one sky. We share air, water, humanity, but we, here, live better than many who die. I believe then that as a people, we should put our best forward. Policy, programs and practices that might make a difference. Sometimes these are better than military, money, and might. I believe we are a people and we have a powerful knowledge.

At the start of your paper, I’d like you to use seven sentences or phrases as a prologue to your final project. This should be of your own making and not from borrowed from dead people found by luck on This prologue should come from you, and you should try to be profound. (Your prologue is worth 50 pts)

Part or paper One: Choose and introduce a country where you have never been, were not born in, but have an interest in learning about. This first paper will be exploratory and should answer the following question: what single issue creates hardship within your chosen country’s reality? (100 pts)

Part or paper 2: Expand the issue’s depth and begin to look at how this single issue exists (or existed historically) within the United States. What are (were) the causes, consequences, hardships, expenses, solutions, that relate to or transact with this one single issue in both places. (Something of a compare contrast here) (150 pts)

Part or paper 3: Choose 3 policies, practices, inventions, programs, that the US has, which either in whole or in part, could help your chosen country’s “issue.” Explore and explain how that county might implement and/ or benefit from the ideas and knowledge that work within the United States successfully. (150 pts)

Works Cited page (50 pts)

Again, this is a RESEARCH paper and should be written in 3 d using proper MLA format and Parenthetical citation. The completed project will be turned in with ONE collective works cited page person,

You must use an (intro strategy device) for your intro/conclusion paragraph- Your thesis should be clearly stated – Each support paragraph should start with a topic sentence, which relates to and supports your thesis – Each support paragraph should have specific and detailed support in the form of examples, explanation, data, dates, and explanations.-Transitionsshould be used at appropriate intervals keeping to the essay’s purpose – And most importantly, this essay should engage because I want to hear your voice.