Urban Space in Universities and Ethnic Background Sociological Analysis

  • The paper should be 6-8 pages in length, 12-point font and double spaced.
  • The paper should have a title and should be divided into four sections-
  • Section I: INTRODUCTION (About 1 page): In this section introduce the reader to your topic. Provide a brief description of your paper, that is, what can the reader expect from your paper.
  • Section 4 CONCLUSION (About 1 page): In this section write a brief conclusion summarizing your findings and describing how you accomplished what you intended to do, as described in the introductory section.
  • Grade will be based on completeness and sociological analysis.
  • Late submission of the final project will significantly lower student’s grade.
  • Project length is very important — nothing less than 6 pages, but not to exceed 8 pages.
  1. Section 2: OBSERVATION (About 2-3 pages): Provide a description of the urban space (such as a shopping mall, a university common area, a departmental store, an airport or any other urban space of your choice) that you observed in your own words. This constitutes the data that you collected. In this section, you may describe your observations of physical urban space, the physical and social environment, how people use these spaces, people’s interactions with each other and these physical spaces, their behavior, body language etc.
  2. Section 3: SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS (About 2-3 pages): write a sociological analysis of your observation (the data you collected and described in section 2). The Sociological perspective should used should be symbolic interactionism. Explain how this perspective or concept helps you understand your simple observation.