Uptake Of Pollutants In Plants And Vegetative Matter Biology Discussion

In this module you learned about equilibrium relationships between two interface pairs: soil-water and biomedia-water. For the module discussion, pose a question that you have about one of the topics. Use this as an opportunity to extend your knowledge or to clarify a concept. You will be assessed on a) how well you are able to put the question in context, b) your answer to this question, and c) your replies to others.

  • Make an Initial Post: Provide the question and provide a satisfactory answer citing relevant literature. This should not be a simple yes or no question. Initial posts should be at least 300 words.

Below are topics within the subject matter, Uptake of pollutants in plants and vegetative matter seems to be an interesting topic

Soil-Water Exchange

  • Soil-water exchange
  • Sorption isotherms
  • Soil-water distribution ratio and contaminant retardation
  • Soil organic matter-water partitioning
  • Estimation and parameters affecting the soil organic matter-water partition coefficient
  • Sorption onto organic colloids
  • Sorption onto the mineral fraction
  • Adsorption of ionogenic contaminants
  • Effect of speciation on the soil-water partition coefficient
  • Sorption onto clay minerals

Biomedia-Water Partitioning

  • Biomedia-water partitioning
  • Bioconcentration models
  • Determination of the bioconcentration factor
  • Estimation methods and parametric studies
  • Uptake of pollutants in plants and vegetative matter
  • Kinetic bioconcentration models