University of Maryland Roman Myths Marginal Character Assignment

1. Identify and describe a specific marginal character that we would call an “Other.” This character might be a monster, villain, enemy or socially disruptive figure that is somehow feared or degraded in Roman myths.… ( Login: htimberlake PW: CandyKane22!!! )… (The Other)… ( Login: htimberlake PW: CandyKane22!!! )… (The Other and Otherings) (What is the Otherings?)

2. Use a specific myth that includes the Other that you identified in #1 to analyze the role of “the other” in Roman myths.

3. Compare and contrast the Other that you found in the Roman myth(s) to some Other that we see in our world today.

4. Reflect on why humans seem to need a concept of “the other,” and the social function it serves. Use concepts learned in the HUMN 351 Learning Resources to help you analyze the cultural processes involved in marginalizing figures within society within myths..

METHOD: Answer 1-4 above. Cite your sources in MLA format. Make good use of course concepts from this week and previous weeks.