University California Food Insecurity Global Food Initiative Thesis Paper Project

****PLEASE USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE! Nothing too long or too complicated. JUST simple words and concise sentences****

***NO outside sources!! ONLY the ones I provided***

The Writing Prompt:

In 2014, the University of California created the Global Food Initiative (GFI). According to UC President Janet Napolitano, “Based on your analysis of the reading in Unit 1, justify an evaluation of the GFI. Is the GFI an effective proposal for addressing problems related to food insecurity, health, and sustainability?

By asking you to evaluate the GFI, we want you to make an argument about its strengths and/or weaknesses. To do this successfully, you will need to choose appropriate criteria to support your judgment. You will develop these criteria in your weekly discussions as you analyze and discuss the course materials for this project.

By writing in this genre, you are expected to include an arguable thesis, reasoning and well- documented evidence, and at least one opposing viewpoint or counterargument (although you may include more than one!). We also encourage you to use multimodal elements (pictures, images, graphs, charts etc.) to strengthen your evaluation.

As you compose your project through multiple drafts, imagine you are writing to a UCSD committee comprised of administrators, faculty and students. This committee is interested in reading student evaluations of the GFI before they decide whether to make any changes.

***PLEASE PLEASE follow the instructions carefully! Don’t miss any details such as the counterargument***

***more requirements are attached!***

HERE ARE YOUR sources you MUST use:

1. Attached UC GFI. Citation is:

University of California Office of the President. Global Food Initiative: Food and Housing Security at the University of California. Berkeley: U of California Press, 2017

2. Attached article by Holt-Giménez, E. Citation is:

Holt-Giménez, E. (2011). Food security, food justice, or food sovereignty. Cultivating food justice: Race, class, and sustainability, 309-330.

3. Online article by Goldrick and Broton. Citation is:

Goldrick-Rab, S. & Broton, K. (2015, September 25). To cut costs, college students are buying less food and even going hungry. The Conversation. Retrieved from

4. Attached article by Watson. (Optional)

***There is also a few summary of the sources in a document attached. It will help you better understand the sources***

Let me know if you have any questions ASAP. Thanks!