Unit 5 Assignment

Continuum of Care Literature Review

This assignment integrates several concepts that have been discussed this quarter: the recommendations report and plan of action, issues in long term care, and leadership. The purpose of this assignment is to:

  • Help you understand what a recommendations report that includes a plan of action is.
  • Help you learn about issues in long-term care by giving you the opportunity to find and describe peer-reviewed journal articles (primary sources) that you can incorporate into your Unit 9 assignment.
  • Discuss leadership more in depth.

Use the Capella University Library to research these articles. This assignment will give you a good start; you will be expected to use at least 15 reference articles in your recommendations report and plan of action. For this assignment you are required to find and use at least 10 of these.

Complete the following four parts for this assignment. Use APA level-one section headings to identify each part of the assignment.

Part 1: Define a Recommendations Report and Plan of Action

Your final assignment is a recommendations report and plan of action, and it is important for you to understand what these documents are meant to accomplish. Write a referenced-based definition of a recommendations report and a plan of action. In your definition, address the purpose of each, factors they are each comprised of, and the differences between the two documents.

You are not likely to find definitions for these in scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals; instead, consult other professional and academic sources for definitions of a recommendation report and plan of action.

Part 2: Research Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Research and read at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles that meet the following criteria:

  • Find 2 articles related to leadership styles.
  • Find 2 articles related to client/patient-centered long-term care.
  • Find 2 articles related to key stakeholders in the long-term care continuum.
  • Find 2 articles related to ethical considerations in the long-term care continuum.
  • Find 2 articles related to current best practice innovations in the long-term care continuum.

Part 3: Write a Literature Review

Use the 10 journal articles to write a literature review in narrative format. Organize your review using APA level-two section headings (Leadership Styles, Client/Patient-Centered Long-Term Care, et cetera). See the link in the Resources for more information about writing a literature review. Summarize the article in your own words, and address these key questions:

  • What is the research question in the article?
  • What is the sample size (if any)?
  • What is the method of analysis?
  • What are the major findings?

Do not simply provide a reference for each article and then summarize that article in a paragraph; that is an annotated bibliography, not a literature review. Include a reference list (including the full citation and the URL to the article) at the end of the assignment with all of the references that you used in the assignment, including the literature review.

Part 4: Write a Conclusion

Write a conclusion to this assignment that includes the following:

  • What you learned from the articles about leadership styles.
  • What you learned from the articles that will be helpful as you develop your recommendations report and plan of action in Unit 9.

Assignment Requirements

Complete your literature review according to the following structural requirements:

  • Write clearly and with effective organization, and use correct grammar, spelling, and syntax.
  • Use double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • Follow current APA guidelines for style and formatting.
  • Cite sources using APA formatting.
  • Plan to spend approximately 1/2 to 1 hour to address each article.