Unemployed Latinos in The USA Persuasive Speech

PERSUASIVE SPEECH about the problem of unemployed Latinos in the USA

The speech must have a clear argument and a suggested solution to that argument. Please take a look at all of the other information required are below

Write it in three pages please.

Persuasive Speech

1. Objectives:

  • To deliver a speech that attempts to change or reinforce thoughts, feelings, or actions.
  • To make a presentation that demonstrate an understanding the Chicano/a Latina/o experience in the local and global society
  • To make a polished presentation that includes good posture, presence, voice, articulation and eye contact.

2. Description: Your task is to write and deliver a persuasive speech. Persuasive speeches attempt to change or reinforce an audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or actions.The persuasive speech is more complex and demanding than the informative speech and, therefore, is worth more points.The three major types of persuasive speeches address questions of fact, questions of value, and questions of policy.For this assignment, you will use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and a topic that reflects the Chicano/a Latina/o experience in the local and global society.

You still must apply all that you already know about the essential elements of a speech to the organizational pattern—Monroe’s Motivated Sequence—to your persuasive speech.For example, make sure to incorporate all elements of intro, body, conclusion, connectives, and sources.It may help to think of the overall structure of the speech like this: INTRO – AttentionBODY – Need, Satisfaction, Visualization

CONCLUSION – Call to Action