UCMO Chapter 9 Employee Attitudes and Their Effects discussion

1-In chapter nine, the Newstrom, the author talks about the use of worker surveys:

Using Survey Information Once job satisfaction information has been collected and tabulated, the big question remaining is: What does all this mean in terms of the organization and its employees? Although gathering this information is chiefly a matter of technique, analysis and use of the resulting data require skilled management judgment. It is the final important step in a job satisfaction survey. When appropriate action is taken, results can be excellent”.

Newstrom then goes on in the text to explain at least two things that need to be done with the results of workers surveys. What are those two things and why do you think he thinks this is important?

2-In earlier classes, we have talked about the squeaky wheel getting the grease as it relates to workers who complain and managers who immediately give in to the “squeak” or complaint. This certainly takes care of the problem but what about next time you hear the squeak? In addition, what are the other co-workers going to say, will they start squeaking and complaining too? Tell me what you’d do to address this problem, the complaining worker and the other workers who see this happening?