U110 Indiana Meaningful Visual SelfPortrait Presentation Project Assignment

Key Questions

In what way(s) have I grown over the semester AND what do I still need to continue growing? Consider the three goals for this First-Year Seminar: Belonging, Transition, and Planning. How have I grown in all three of these areas? What growing do I still need to do? How do I plan to do so?

The Project

In this project, you are asked to reflect on your first semester at IUPUI and provide your classmates and instructional team with a thoughtful and meaningful visual representation (in either 2D or 3D) about your growth this semester and how you plan to continue growing.

Your visual representation can take the form of a PowerPoint, a poster, a video, or even a diorama. To accompany your visual representation, write a brief rationale for your project, explaining why you selected to represent what you did and how that contributed to your growth. In your rationale, also connect your project choices to the three fundamental and powerful course concepts of belonging, transitioning, and planning.

Prepare to present your visual project in a show-and-tell format in our final class session. Presentations will be evaluated by both their classmates (50 points) and the instructional team (50 points) based on thoughtfulness, effort, and/or creativity.

Here is an example of a sketchbook format that would work perfectly for such a project:

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