Types of Discriminations Effects on Organizational Behaviors Paper

The idea is to allow you the freedom to write on an organizational behavior issue that is of interest to you.

Choose 4 or 5 types of discrimination that can be in organizations and how they will effect on organizations behavior

After you identify what element of organizational behavior is of most interest to you, I would suggest you then choose a specific topic within that element to research and write your paper.For example, you might want to look at the leadership stile of a particular company, government or nation. You could look comparing and contrasting different motivational theories like McGregor, Hertzberg, and Maslow (and others).You might want to research the organizational structure of the some of the nations of the middle east.You could look at how universities in Saudi Arabia are staffed and how the faculty are compensated compared to other nations.You could write on how workplace emotions in the United States are becoming even more challenging to handle by leaders. Etc., Etc., Etc.,

What I hope you see is you have a whole range of topics you can choose from, but ultimately they should related to the class.