Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Hypoinsulinemia and Hyperglycemia Analysis Paper


In type 1 diabetes, there are hypoinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. In type 2 diabetes, it is common to see hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. Why do the differences exist?

New research is being developed for treatment of type I diabetes. Pick a treatment option to research and explain to the group how it works.

Discussion Grading Rubric

Unless otherwise noted, the following discussion rubric criteria apply to all discussion activities in the course.
Each discussion is worth
10 points.


Full Points

Partial Points

No Points

Initial Post

(6 points)

Response to all discussion questions or prompts demonstrates scholarly reflection and critical thinking for the assigned discussion topic.

Post is relevant to the ongoing discussion by bringing in new ideas/fresh perspectives/new insights to the discussion versus simply “restating” the concepts in the required reading or another student’s contribution.

The post is insightful and supported with evidence, scholarly research, and examples. Unless otherwise directed, at least ONE professional reference (beyond the course text) is incorporated, using APA format (in-text and listed at end of post).

Post is grammatically correct with complete sentences, coherence, unity, etc.

Post submitted by due date.

Addresses some but not all discussion questions or prompts.

Post reveals some command of the subject matter; it does not primarily restate concepts by using primarily direct quotes, but may be lacking in insight or creativity.

Post may draw logical conclusions but lacks clear evidence, scholarly research, and examples.

Does not offer insight or support ideas with evidence, scholarly research, and/or examples.

A professional reference, beyond the course text, is not incorporated in the post OR reference(s) is not properly cited in APA (in-text and at end of post).

Consistently makes grammatically correct posts with rare misspellings. Some issues with topic cohesion.

Responses suggest that reading has not been completed, or simply summarizes the reading with no further insight.

Points raised are not relevant and do not contribute to scholarly discussion of the topic.

Utilizes poor spelling and grammar. There is little to no cohesion in the writing and format.

Post NOT submitted by the due date.

Reply/Response Posts

(4 points)

Provides TWO relevant and meaningful responses to classmates’ initial posts with clarifying explanations, details, as well as deeper connection to the topics being considered.

Supplements the discussion by posing a question, as appropriate.

Responds thoughtfully and constructively to others who have posted replies to their own initial post.

Any reference used is presented in APA format (in-text and at end)

Reply/response post submitted by due date.

Provides TWO somewhat relevant replies with some explanation and detail, but does not add to motivating further discussion with questions or prompts OR Provides only ONE relevant and meaningful responses to classmates’ initial posts.

Responds to some replies made to their posts.

If a reference is used in the reply post(s), they are NOT properly cited in APA (in-text and at end).

Does not reply to at least TWO classmates’ initial posts.

All replies and responses are generic with little explanation or detail.

Post NOT submitted by due date.