Transportation DOT regulation

safe parking/ rest stop / security issues

Leroy was always concerned about finding a safe location when it was time to stop to catch a little shut-eye. Sleep was important, but so was his load. And besides, he slept more soundly when he felt secure with his parking spot. One day, while working out at the company exercise facility, Leroy and a couple of other drivers were talking about their favorite spots to stop. Leroy said he would never stop anywhere but a rest stop. He liked the lighting, and the sounds of cars and trucks coming and going actually helped lull him to sleep. One driver, Dimitri, said that sometimes, if the rest areas were full, as they often are, he would simply pull off to the side of the road, as long as it was in a well-lit and well-traveled area. Another driver, Vaughn, disagreed with Dimitri. Vaughn maintained it is a violation of the HMR to park along a public road.

• Who’s right here?

• What do the regulations require?

• What is a safe parking spot?