Topic 5 DQ 2.2

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

To be employed and part of the healthcare profession is very challenging. We face challenges day to day from financial pressures, uncertainty of the direction of healthcare reform, mandates from regulatory agencies to improve quality and patient safety. As stress level grow, so does opportunities for nurses to grow in their profession. Nurses can advocate and use their voices for nursing in healthcare policies, expand employment and improve the image of the profession. Its crucial for nurses to work together as a team, the profession of nursing is viewed by the public as the most trusted profession. As a critical care nurse currently, we have shared governance council in our unit, this ensures that nurses have a voice for our unit, decisions are made based on our nursing opinions and voices. This has promoted positive work environments. We should also be involved or engaged in organization-wide activities such as satisfaction surveys, developing plans to review surveys for positive changes.

Advocacy strategies, will create positive changes in a workplace if we step up into leadership, stay involved in decision making and let our voices be heard. Excellent results will occur with team work and great management to stand behind staff. With out the following then the work place will fail, and staff will suffer. Over all, nurses should know their state board of nursing rules, regulations and scope of practice. They should know how, when and where to report concerns or present ideas of change.


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