Topic 2 DQ 5

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Of the many changes that occurred in 2010, the IOM created an outline with recommendations for change throughout the entire healthcare system. The IOM has not only placed nursing into the healthcare teams but encouraged health care facilities to created interdisciplinary team to deliver care to patients (Nursing and Health Reform, n.d.). In healthcare the patient is our number one concern, next to providing efficient cost effect care. With interdisciplinary team, patient who have suffer from multiple chronic conditions can be managed by a team of healthcare works to address all health needs for the best treatment. With nurses added to the interdisciplinary team, we provide valuable insight to current or potential issues which may or not cause patient harm. Not only do interdisciplinary teams address specific patient issues; they can address the system of the healthcare facility as a whole. Hands on practice allows a great insight to how treatment and care is provided. In addition to abiding by the new IOM recommendations, interdisciplinary teams help the healthcare facility by lower cost via supplies, treatment, poor outcomes and consistent hospitalizations.

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