This is a homework.

Please note that each requirement is very important:

Consistent with the course syllabus, this assignment aims to have students demonstrate the following:

  1. Formulate a clear research question or statement of problem.
  2. Demonstrate deterministic or cause and effect logic in your research question or statement of research problem.
  3. Convey the Project’s conceptual structure via a well-organized Table of Contents (you should have transformed the outline into your Table of Contents).
  4. Collect valid academic and professional information or data relevant to that research question or statement of problem.
  5. Evaluate and analyze published literature specific to the research question or statement of research problem.
  6. Present findings or results using a discipline-specific medium (i.e., APA style).
  7. Conceptually extend the findings into specific implementable recommendations that potentially mitigate the problem.


Progressing as we are toward the end of the semester, it is time for you to submit your finalized Capstone Project as one APA formatted document and as one file.

Toward that end, this submission must have the following parts:

  1. APA formatted cover page
  2. Executive Summary or Abstract
  3. Table of Contents
  4. The actual Capstone Project (25 pages of text minimum not counting cover page, Exec. summary/abstract, table of contents and reference pages)
  5. Reference or Bibliography page/s (25 sources minimum, 15 of which must come from academic/professional journals)

Be Aware of the Following

Be sure you are formatting your work correctly using the APA style.

Pay attention to quality writing.

Do not write in the first person. The word “I” should not appear in your writing. This Capstone Project is to be written in the third-person.

Cite your sources internally using the APA style. Do not plagiarize!

Paraphrase well. Using direct quotes is okay but only in a limited fashion. Extensive use of direct quotes will not be allowed. You may have been allowed to quote extensively in other courses but you will not be allowed to do that in this course/for this Capstone Project.