Theory Brief on Physical Activity and Health Behavior Theory Assignment

about one of these Topics: Tobacco use or Physical activity.

I want use health believe model theory for it.

I have one example of this assignment.

I want to receive it on 04/19/2019

Assignment in Word file.


— What is a Theory (Research/Issue) Brief?

For this assignment, your theory brief will be a 2-pages summary of the knowledge surrounding the use of health behavior theory to address a health issue. To write the brief, you should assume that the audience knows little or nothing about the topic. The brief should summarize the topic’s background and stakeholder information quickly and succinctly. The writer should be clear, concise and complete in his/her writing.


For the theory brief assignment, the following items should be included. Note that the brief for this class will be 2 pages in length. You will need to select a health problem/issue and then research peer-reviewed articles on that topic. You will search for interventions that use health behavior theories we have discussed in this class. Your brief will include:

Background: what is the health problem? Include a description, any pertinent history and data (local, regional, national). This might include special populations that are disproportionately affected by the issue. Why is this a health problem? How do we know what we know?

Health behavior theory response: what health behavior theory is currently being used to address the issue? What does the literature say? Are there any best practices for programs and services for the health problem? This is a summary of relevant (and current) research on the health problem and current theories being used.

Recommendations: based on what you have learned, what health behavior theory would you recommend be used for addressing this health issue? Why? Keep this section in 3rd person.

Please make sure to write clearly and directly. Proper APA citations are required. For this assignment, the reference list can be a third page. It is expected that at least 6-8 peer reviewed articles will be used in this assignment, along with other professional websites, such as the CDC