Theories of Crime and Prevention Measures Paper

Your city has a large shopping mall with an attached underground parking garage. There has been an increase in the number of automobiles being stolen or broken into. In addition, some of the shoppers have been victims of robberies while at the mall and in the parking garage.

In this context, respond to the following:

Explain how you would apply the crime triangle—comprising of the presence and interaction of motivated offenders, targets, and guardians of the routine activities theory—to help reduce these incidents of crime.

Explain the preventive measures that you would use against the offenders, the targets, and the guardians.

Describe the prevention measures you would impose to address these crimes. Provide the reasons for your approach.

In the above scenario, some of the robbery victims were injured when they did not follow the criminal’s instructions at the time of robberies.
Discuss the use of neutralization theory to explain some of the potential causes of criminal activity. In your answer, explain how they may use the following techniques of neutralization:

Denial of responsibility

Denial of injury

Denial of victim

Condemning the condemners

Appeal to a higher loyalty

Let’s consider another scenario related to convicted Tuscan, Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner. He pleaded guilty to nineteen charges and was sentenced to seven consecutive life terms, followed by 140 years in prison.

In this context, respond to the following:

Describe the opportunities for theory integration between traditional criminology and the disciplines of biology and psychology in this case.

Describe any specific biological or psychological insight into Loughner’s personality that might prove useful to the criminological study of this case.

Provide your opinion on whether his mental health situation impacted his actions in this case. Should the judge force Loughner to be medicated to the level where he would be able to assist in his own defense? Do you think Loughner was insane? Was the sentence imposed justified in this case based on the facts? Provide rationale to support your opinion.