Theorical Framework and Treatment Intervention Plans

Paper length: 5 pages APA format

Based on the family assessment completed which will be attached below titled pyschosocial assessment, each student will prepare a literature review paper about the theoretical approaches and evidence-based interventions that she/he will be using with the family. The literature review should include no less than three research based sources used in the paper. I have also attached the rubric.

The literature review will answer the following questions:

  1. What approach (es) do you plan to utilize to assist family and the Identified Patient (IP) in improving functioning?
  2. What specific intervention strategies will you utilize for this specific family and IP?
  3. What is the rationale for the selection of these intervention strategies?
  4. How does your literature search support the appropriateness of these therapeutic interventions for the family and IP?
  5. Any ethical and diversity issues to be considered in the approach to the specific family and IP?