The Two Sides of the Patriot Act


Return the scenario in which you are the captain of your local police municipality. While researching the impact that terrorism has had upon federal law enforcement you have, of course, noted and studied the Patriot Act. While reviewing its contents and the changes it made to criminal and intelligence gathering laws, you began to discover that many people are concerned that the Patriot Act goes too far. They fear that it has elements that invade the average person’s privacy, and opens the door for many abuses by the government. You have decided to present the topic in the discussion chatroom that you developed for you and senior staff at the police department.

In this week’s staff discussion, you have been tasked with explaining the Patriot Act to those under your supervision. Your focus will be on the pros and cons of this important piece of legislation. There are two sides to the debate over the Patriot Act; those who are supporters and those opposed to it. You wish to investigate both points of view.

Based on your review of the Patriot Act, address the following in your initial post:

  • Explain three key provisions of the Patriot Act that changed the limits of federal law enforcement.
  • Debate the arguments from the perspective of those that support these changes to law enforcement policy and procedures and those that do not.
  • Select which side of the debate you fall on, including the rationale for your selection. You can select either position or explain what modifications would sway your stance.