The Most Beautiful Thing 2012 Short Film by Cameron Covell Analysis Paper

You need to write a film review that incorporates

  1. Theme
  2. Genre
  3. Mechanics
  4. Character
  5. Directing
  6. Cinematography
  7. Movement
  8. Editing
  9. Sound
  10. Film and Society

In this review, you will need to include links and citations to set the film you are reviewing in its socio-historical context.

Although I prefer short films, you may use a feature length film for this assignment. However, the entire film should be accessible online. Although I would prefer that the film be ADA compliant, I will not make this a requirement for the assignment.

Can I start this module early?

You may begin this module as soon as we cover each of these concepts. Throughout the semester, I will coach students who are working on this analysis.

Subject Line

In the subject line of your first posting, please include the name of the film and its date. Please note that two students cannot use the same film. Film selection will be first come; first served.


You may earn up to 100 points on your film analysis. It will be graded on the quality of the answers in each section.

To receive credit for this assignment, you must complete all 10 sections. You should also include appropriate citations throughout your analysis; especially in the section on film and society. You should also cite specific times in the film as you make references to it.