The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For this discussion board, we will turn our focus to a prominent art institution, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Located in New York City, The Met is an encyclopedic museum, housing a vast collection of priceless artworks and artifacts from all cultures and time periods, from ancient times to the present.

Follow the steps below to create a good, complete response. It is helpful to take notes while reading or visiting websites for a better analysis, evidencing a strong critical thinking component. Avoid copying answers from the web which is a form of plagiarism.


1. The TED Talk features the former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas P. Campbell discussing his approach to curating exhibitions.

Search online:

1. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art website through either link, and select two of your favorite artworks (I know, no small feat!), noting the artist name (if known), culture, and media. Identify two visual elements, and two design principles in each work.



1. Define the term “curation” in the context of art, and continue writing by addressing the ways in which the former director of The Metropolitan Museum, Thomas Campbell thinks about curating. Focus on his process, and challenges, or the questions Campbell raises in relationship to digital media and the future of ‘brick and mortar’ museums. What surprises you the most about this Ted Talk? Where you aware that the Metropolitan Museum housed such significant objects that highlight universal cultures? Your own ideas are welcome, of course! Make interesting connections and share with the rest of the class! Include the two works selected from the collection, in addition to identifying the culture, artist name, and media, share the reasons for selecting each one.

2. Mention the artists’ name, title of the work, date, media, and culture, and identify two elements and principles in each of the two artworks selected from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

3. Respond to two classmates’ submissions. Remember to expand the responses by writing in several full sentences.