The Lottery Conformism Tradition and Cultural Assimilation Question

Please answer these question on Literature.

  • 1. Until her death at the age of 48, Shirley Jackson kept writing short stories and novels, including The Haunting of Hill House (1959), which sparked multiple film version. But it’s “The Lottery” for which she’s best known. The story has been adapted for radio, television, film, and even ballet. It’s been written about and dissected in countless theses, dissertation, and books. And its warning about the danger of conformity are still relevant. “The lottery” revealed an uncomfortable truth about the human psyche and, in doing so, became a classic piece of American literature.

Using example from the story” The lottery” , explain in a well-developed paragraph or two how the story works as a warning to the danger of conformity and/or tradition

“The lottery” is attached .

  • 2. As a teenager growing up in an alcoholic family, Sherman Alexie determined he would receive a better education off the reservation and traveled to a nearby town to attend a mostly white high school. At 18 he started college at Gonzaga University where he stayed for two years before transferring to Washington State University.

Attempting to hold onto cultural traditions while assimilating, into the modern world appears to be the challenge for American Indians as well as many non-indians. What insight does Alexie offer? Does he suggest that only the individual can determine the answer? In a well-developed paragraph or two, provide example from his stories to support your perception.