The Lone Wolf Terrorist


With new threats emerge new tactics and policy. Since 9/11, the most successful terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been perpetrated by the lone wolf terrorist (one or two persons acting autonomously from a larger group). When dealing with a large terrorist cell, or international terrorists, there is typically a money trail, communications, and some sort of noise made in the development of an attack. The group or international terrorists will interact with their global counterparts to receive funding, training, and instructions. In doing so, they expose themselves to interception by intelligence agencies. The lone gunman concept is different.

In your role as the captain researching for the chief, you came across the concept of the lone wolf terrorist. You wish to explain to the rest of the command staff what this term means and what difficulties it brings with it. After that explanation, you intend to introduce ideas for addressing this new method of terrorism and to get input from the other staff members.

For your initial discussion post:

  • Inform the group on what is meant by lone wolf terrorist.
  • Detail two unique difficulties a lone wolf terrorist act brings to law enforcement.
  • Provide two suggestions for action by state law enforcement that may limit this threat.