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For the “Microeconomics in the News”Paper Project you are expected to relate and apply economics concepts we learned in this course to real-life events. You will use newspapers, magazines or the internet to gain access to information on current news. This project will give you a chance to associate economic concepts with real life. See the Guidelinesbelow for further details. This paper project should be completed individually and are subject to the Student Code of Ethics below.


To understand that economics is everywhere and to relate daily economic/business news by applying one or more MICROeconomic concepts to a real-life event or an event reported in a news article.

You should focus on how you apply (or relate) textbook concepts to real world events, and NOT on how you critique a news article or summarize a commenter/researcher/reporter’s opinions. The main objective of this project is to find an article from a magazine or newspaper and explain it in the language of “economics.” You cannot use the examples you have seen in our course/book. If you do so you will get zero from this assignment.

Possible News Sources:

Style and Format Details:read it TWICE, before you start and after you finish!

  1. use Word or save the file in Word or plain text format, use Calibri 11 font
  2. the assignment should be between 450 and 600 words, you should use your own words and sentences (you are not to use quotations in the main text)
  3. your paper should have two or more paragraphs: the first paragraph summarizes the content of the magazine or newspaper article or a real-life event, and the second paragraph should explain how you applyan economic topic/concept to the news or event.
  4. if you use a magazine or newspaper articleinsert the maintitleof the magazine or newspaper article between quotation marks (“”) at the topof your paper.
  5. if you use a magazine or newspaper articleinsert the hyperlink(if online) or source (if in print) of the article between quotation marks (“”) at the end of your paper. DO NOT insert the whole article.

Common mistakes that cause point deductions:

At least 1 point deduction applies to each violation of the above format requirements.

  • Missing discussion of the specific topic (4 points)
  • Wrong topic – non-microeconomics topic and/or not the concepts learned in class (5 points).
  • Inappropriate materials – news older than a year (1 points); methodological or conceptual articles from academic journals and publications instead of news (1 point); blogs or opinions (1 point)
  • Quotations are not allowed (not necessary) and they will be included in the Matching Report: You are required to write a “summary” in your OWNwords.
  • Writing length too short (1-4.5 points, 1 point for each 50 words below requirement) or too long (1 point)
  • News article shorter than one regular page in print without margins (1 point)
  • Missing a hyperlink or source (1-2 points, depending on your contents)
  • Late submissions result in point deductions of 2 pointsfor each 24 hours after the due date
  • Three or more grammatical, typos or other writing errors, or illogical sentences (1-2 points). You are recommended to seek tutorials before submitting your assignment (have someone read it once before you submit).

Assignment only accepted through Turnitin (see next page). I will not accept assignments via e-mail, hard copy etc.

Due Date: April 26, at 8p.m. US CT