The Hows and the Whys of Heroes Function in The Book of Life Paper

Essay 1: A Hero’s function in The Book of Life

In a critical, thesis-driven essay of at least four pages, explain the definition (what), characteristics (how) and function (why) of a Hero in The Book of Life.

Total of 6 Body Paragraph and a conclusion only focus one character in The Book Of Life.

For supporting evidence, analyze and integrate quotations two or more of the readings we have discussed so far to explore a lesson conveyed in the film through one of its characters.

In developing your critical analysis, be sure to narrow your focus onto specific details from the film and key components from the written arguments, supporting your assertions through analyzed textual evidence.

Some specific lines of inquiry to explore are:

  1. In relation to Linda Seger’s “Creating the Myth,” where do we see examples of the Hero’s Journey, or other mythic structures and their functions in The Book of Life. Which lessons are conveyed, or behaviors modeled, through specific characters and actions? How and Why? What sort of transformation does the hero undergo? How does she, or he, serve the broader social unit?
  1. In relation to Robert Ray’s “The Thematic Paradigm,” how can aspects of Ray’s Outlaw or Official Heroes be discerned in The Book of Life? What sorts of hybrid mixtures are traceable in a single character? How does this configuration of characteristics add to the hero’s appeal, identifiability, or otherwise facilitate the lesson they teach, or ideal they represent?
  1. In relation to Vivian Sobchack’s “The Postmorbid Condition,” where can we see examples of either gratuitous or sanctified violence in the film? What moral function, if any, is associated or contrasted with specific acts of violence?
  1. Regarding Michael Parenti’s “Class and Virtue,” what is virtuous about a hero in The Book of Life? How and why, if at all, are virtue or vice related to economic class? What other social factors (age, gender, power . . .) are heroism or villainy associated with? Why?