The Diversity of The Metro Detroit/Oakland County Community

6.2 PowerPoint Presentation

Due: Apr 13, 2019 at 11:59 PM

Create a PowerPoint Presentation that depicts the diversity of the Metro Detroit/Oakland County community. Remember that diversity is more than the different complexions of the people living there. What comes to mind when you think of diversity? Convey your thoughts in your presentation. The presentation must contain a minimum of 20 slides, not counting the cover slide and any slides containing just references.”

Think of a presentation that WOWED YOU! What was it that got your attention? A good presentation will use visuals/graphics/charts that are accompanied by text that helps to explain/describe the slide. A PowerPoint is NOT text in slides.

A PowerPoint presentation encompasses graphics, pictures and clips then describes the depiction of that slide in the speaker notes. A PowerPoint presentation is NOT just slides with text. Review the grading guide so that you understand how you will lose points if you only have text in the slide.

Here are a few tutorials if you are new to creating a PowerPoint Presentation or search the internet for additional resources/reference/guidance.