The Bottom Billion and Civil Wars Discussion

Exam #4– From “The Bottom Billion”

Total (10 points each—100 total—each answer should be paragraph of at least 5-7 sentences with APA citation)

  • “Traps and the Countries Caught in Them” identifies four “traps” in addition to the “development trap” and “the health trap.” What does the author identify these traps to be? Define what each “trap” would be.

  • Has the gap between the bottom billion and the rest of the developing world always been there, or has it come about because the bottom billion has been trapped?

  • What is the definition of a “civil war?” What is the link between a civil war and the bottom billion? What makes a country prone to a civil war?

  • Why do Civil Wars last so long? What are the costs of War for these countries?

  • What does the author say is the curse of natural resources?

  • How has “landlocked with bad neighbors” affected Uganda?

  • What strategies can a landlocked, resource-scare country attempt in order to improve their economies and standard of life?

  • What are the costs of neglect for the G8 counties?

  • How does the author think that aid can actually make things in the developing world worse?

  • Is Regional Integration the answer to the problems of the “Bottom Billion?”