The bank of the United States should be abolished Article Discussion

2) You will read both documents and create an original post discussing what was going on in the US at the time these viewpoints were written – politically, economically, socially – that is relevant to our topic (this is the big picture). Then summarize the readings and whether the arguments made in the viewpoints were well supported. You must provide evidence of this (you can use Foner for this). In other words, this isn’t about your own personal beliefs but more about what these authors were saying, why they were saying it, and if the evidence they used to support their argument was sound or if there is a question of credibility of the evidence and/or author. POSE AN OPEN ENDED QUESTION AT THE END OF YOUR POST, IN BOLD FONT. THE QUESTION NEEDS TO TIE TO THE TIMEFRAME BEING STUDIED


  • Have a UNIQUE title in the subject line
  • Include a summary of the two viewpoints in your own words
  • Use material from Foner AND other resources to:
    • provide an overview of what is happening in the US at that time politically, economically, socially, etc. – we call this historical context for what you are about to discuss – VERY IMPORTANT
  • You may use other scholarly and credible sources to back up/solidify your argument
  • Include no more than 1 short quote (make it count!)
  • Include citations for any pages used from Foner in parenthesis at the end of the sentence (ex. Foner p. 50).
  • Include a works cited list in MLA format if you use any sources other than the Opposing Viewpoints and Foner
  • 450 words minimum for original post (I am looking at quality here – don’t add fluff!) – PUT OFFICIAL WORD COUNT AT THE END IN PARENTHESIS
  • Be mechanically sound (proper spelling, punctuation, grammar structure, paragraphs, etc.)

26A vs 26B – Immigrants Endanger America vs. Immigrants Do Not Endanger America, p. 24-30 of file