The Acquisition of Careem by Uber Essay

short essay about the acquisition of Careem by Uber. Discuss how Uber should communicate with their newcustomers. Use materials and discussion that were learn in IMC classes in this essay. The word limits for this essay is 600.

Tasks to be Covered:


A title that captures the contents of the essay


Introduce the essay with briefinformation and the aimof the essay

Main body

Very short introduce about Careem and Uber.

Introduce the acquisition and how it is important to Uber

Critically discuss how Uber should communicate with the new customers.

Show two examples from the literature and support it with arguments.

Reflection onyour knowledge


Recall the essay aim

Explain how it achieved

Summarise the main key points from the main body


Harvard referencing is required when using any book, article, journal or online references in the assignment

It is highly recommended that you reference from a good quality journal article

check the whole attached assignment file for details