Text and Textuality Comparison Assignment

In order for your CRR to be thoroughly successful, you will want to make a number of academic moves. You will synthesize disparate materials across readings. You will analyze and re-interpret the readings through one another. You are welcome to read both “with and against the grain” of the readings (agreeing with a pushing back on them). Ultimately, you will act as more than a reader–you will engage with the texts you have read with a text you will write, thus participating in the intertextuality in which we are always-already immersed.

Please address the following sets of texts…

  • Massey
  • Maugh
  • Tange
  • Danielewski

In addition, think about…

  • Main arguments of the readings.
  • Key terms that you find most important thus far.
  • Quotations that you’d like to explore further.
  • Initial thoughts on texts and textuality.

Your CRR should…

  • Have a heading with (at minimum) your name and the date.
  • Be single-spaced with an extra line between paragraphs. No need to indent.
  • Be about 1,000 words.
  • Include a couple of potential discussion questions.
  • Include a works cited.

P.S. Please do NOT use outside sources. Only the four sources given.

Thank you!