Terrorist Threats in Air Transport Essay

choose 1 of the 5 transportation modes (Air, Land, Transit/Rail, Sea, Intermodal) that is vulnerable to terrorism and how the threat(s) is being addressed to ‘harden’ the target(s).

Submit an eight (8) page, structurally sound, grammatically correct, and APA6-compliant paper. Page count includes cover page, abstract, and reference page. Proofread your paper for content, grammar, and spelling

Your opening paragraph must:

Tell the reader what the writer is writing about

Why the writer is writing about the subject; why the subject is important

How the writer proposes to write about the subject

****Title page, abstract page, and references pages are included in the 8 page count, so i only need 4/5 body pages of the paper*** ((((is due by 11:30pm eastern time)))